Welcome to the Legislative Page of the NATA Web Site.  NATA is the only bar association in Nebraska that actively represents the trial bar's and consumer's interests in the Legislature.  Our expert lobbyists review every bill introduced, and recommendations are made to the NATA Legislative Committee for further action.  The committee members work diligently to insure that issues of importance to our members and their clients are monitored, supported or opposed.

If you have any questions about any of the bills contact the NATA office, NATA's lobbyists, or members of the NATA Legislative Committee.

NATA welcomes members' suggestions for legislation.   NATA's Legislative Committee meets every year in November to consider legislative proposals for introduction in the coming year.  If you have a suggestion you would like the Committee to consider, please complete the NATA Legislative Proposal Submission Form and send it to NATA, P.O. Box 391247, Omaha, NE 68139 or e mail to

NATA Bills of Interest


NATA Lobbyists

John Lindsay

Don Wesely

Randi Scott

O'Hara Lindsay Government Relations
1220 Lincoln Mall, Suite 150
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
(402) 474-6200



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