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2001 Medicine for Lawyers
Medicine for Lawyers, Friday, April 27, 2001, Georgetowne Club, Omaha, Nebraska, Program Chair: Michael F. Coyle
2003 Medicine for Lawyers
Medicine for Lawyers, Friday, May 9, 2003, Embassy Suites Old Market, Omaha, Nebraska, Program Co-chairs: Matt Lathrop and Mandy L. Strigenz
2009 NATA Seminar "Medicine for Lawyers"
Medicine for Lawyers, April 17, 2009, The Regency Lodge, Omaha, Program Chair: Mandy L. Strigenz
2011 NATA Seminar
MEDICINE FOR LAWYERS , April 29, 2011, Regency Lodge, Omaha, Nebraska. Program Chair: Michael F. Coyle
2014 NATA Seminar "Medicine for Lawyers "
NATA Seminar Medicine for Lawyers, May 2, 2014, Scott Conference Center, Omaha, Program Chair: Rich Hitz
2018 NATA Seminar "Medicine for Lawyers and Tools For Developing Your Case"
Medicine for Lawyers and Tools for Developing Your Case, Friday, February 23, 2018, Hotel RL, Omaha, NE. Program Chair: John Carroll, Watson & Carroll, Omaha
2019 NATA Annual Meeting & FAll Seminar
NATA 2019 Annual Meeting & Fall Seminar "Practice Pointers: The Future of Representing Those in Need" Friday, September 22, 2019, Scott Conference Center, Omaha. Program Chair: Todd Bennett, Rehm, Ben...

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