2005 Nebraska Law Update: Comparative Negligence, UM/UIM and Subrogation



Friday, February 25, 2005, Quarry Oaks Clubhouse, Ashland, Nebraska

Program Chair: James J. Paloucek

Speakers' Materials - Table of Contents

Negligence cases with third-party defendant who is the plaintiff?s spouse
Robert W. Shively ? Shively Law Offices, Lincoln

Negligence cases involving defendant?s claims against the plaintiff?s employer
Todd D. Bennett ? Rehm Bennett Law Firm, Lincoln

General case law and form jury instructions
Elizabeth A. Govaerts ? Vincent M. Powers & Associates, Lincoln

?Phantom? defendant cases
Gregory R. Coffey ? Friedman Law Offices, Lincoln

Effect of medical fee reductions (Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, etc.) on the measure of damages
Susan I. Strong ? Plessman Law Offices, Lincoln


Efforts to set off other insurance payments (liability, medical payment, etc.) against UM/UIM coverage
Maren L. Chaloupka ? Chaloupka, Holyoke, Hofmeister, Snyder & Chaloupka, Scottsbluff

Statute of limitations and exhaustion requirements
Michael Javoronok ? Michael J. Javoronok Law Firm, Scottsbluff

UM/UIM claims from the perspective of an eleven-year State Farm claims representative recently turned plaintiff?s attorney
Jason P. Galindo ? The Law Office of Stan Cohen, Lincoln

UM/UIM coverages in cases involving multiple negligent drivers
James J. Paloucek ? Norman, Paloucek & Herman Law Offices, North Platte

Tort or contract ? Kramme v. State Farm
Tim J. Kielty ? Kielty Law Office, Omaha


BCBS v. Dailey/Made Whole doctrine
Anne Marie O?Brien ? Outside Counsel, Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha

Attorney fees and ethical issues
Matthew A. Lathrop ? Hauptman, O?Brien, Wolf & Lathrop, P.C., Omaha

Neb. Rev. Stat. � 48-118 and the meaning of ?fair and equitable distributions?
Dallas D. Jones ? Baylor, Evnen, Curtiss, Grimit & Witt, Lincoln

Medical providers? balance billing/Midwest Neurosurgery v. State Farm
Joseph B. Muller ? Law Offices of Ronald J. Palagi, Omaha

ERISA reimbursement/subrogation
Michael B. Kratville ? Kratville Law Office, Omaha

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