2015 NATA Seminar

Date: 12/11/2015

Friday, December 11, 2015
Scott Conference Center, 6450 Pine Street, Omaha, Nebraska

Program Co-Chairs:
Jason G.  Ausman, Ausman Law Firm, PC, LLO, Omaha
Kathleen M. Neary, Vincent M. Powers & Associates, Lincoln

Speakers' Materials - Table of Contents                                        

Tripling the Offer at Trial:  Highlighting a Great Client for a Great Verdict
Eric R. Chandler, Law Office of Eric Chandler, Omaha
Turning a “Turned Down” Excessive Force Case Into a $750K Verdict
Richard J. Schicker, Law Offices of Richard J. Schicker, Omaha

Ethical Considerations in Dealing with Medicaid and Medicare (and other third parties who want your client’s money)
Julie A. Jorgensen, Morrow Willnauer Klosterman Church LLC, Omaha                                             

Hitting It Big on Your UIM Case 
Matthew G. Miller, Miller & Lathrop, PC, LLC, Omaha
Turning a Soft Tissue – Low Impact (non-surgical) Injury Into a $500K Verdict
Peter C. Wegman, Rembolt Ludtke LLP, Lincoln

Mental Injuries in Workers' Compensation: Proving Them and Enhancing Damages
John C. Fowles, The Fowles Law Office, P.C., L.L.O., Lincoln

What Ammunition a Jury Needs to Award Your Client $360K on a Soft Tissue Disputed Liability Case  (with a pre-trial offer of $25K)
Terrence J. Salerno, The Law Offices of Terrence J. Salerno, P.C., Omaha

“Show Me the Money!” How to Convince a Rural Jury to Award $745K to the Plaintiff (with no pre-trial offer)
James C. Bocott, Law Office of James C. Bocott, P.C., L.L.O., North Platte

The Ethics of Mentoring Lawyers
Shaylene M. Smith, Kalkwarf & Smith, Crete

Tips for Presenting an Effective Bench Trial to Maximize Your Verdict
Michael W. Meister, The Law Office of Michael W. Meister, Scottsbluff
How to Effectively Deal with Contributory Negligence in Your Slip and Fall Cases (and securing a big verdict)
Christopher P. Welsh, Welsh & Welsh, P.C., L.L.O., Omaha

Gardner v. Int’l Paper: Combining Physical, Mental and Cognitive Injuries to Obtain a Perm Total Award in the Workers’ Compensation Court
Sean P.  Rensch, Rensch & Rensch Law, Omaha

Making the Most of Every Element of Damages to Secure a Great Verdict
Michael F. Coyle, Fraser Stryker PC LLO, Omaha

“Is My Consent Truly Informed?”  How to Secure a Six-Figure Verdict and Use Informed Consent to Your Advantage (with not pretrial offer)
Steven H. Howard, Dowd, Howard & Corrigan, Omaha

Trusting Your Instincts in the Face of a “Reasonable” Offer
Jason G. Ausman, Ausman Law Firm, PC, LLO, Omaha
Using Future Medicals to Secure a Big Verdict
Kathleen M. Neary, Vincent M. Powers & Associates, Lincoln

"Best Laid Plans"  - Ethics Presentation

Topics covered include: the most frequent bar complaints and disciplinary actions against Nebraska attorneys; how to identify the dangers, prevent escalations, and take corrective action; the procedure involved - complaint, investigation, and penalty phase; and reinstatement to practice.

Susan M. Napolitano, Napolitano Law, PC LLO, Lincoln


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