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NATA has many opportunities for members to participate. If you have an interest in serving on a committee, please contact the NATA office at (402) 435-5526.

NATA Officers: Daniel Thayer, Grand Island, President; Jason G. Ausman, Omaha, President Elect; Andrew D. Sibbernsen, Secretary; Brock Wurl, North Platte, Treasurer.  NATA Immediate Past President Britany Shotkoski, Omaha. NATA Board Oversight Chair Peter C. Wegman, Lincoln.  NATA PAC Chair Matt Lathrop, Omaha.

Britany Shotkoski, Chair; Jason G. Ausman, Omaha; Matt Lathrop, Omaha;  Daniel Thayer, Grand Island, Andrew Sibbernsen, Omaha; Monte L. Neilan, Scottsbluff; Peter C. Wegman, Lincoln.  For Amicus assistance, contact the NATA office at (402) 435-5526.

The Finance Committee is designated a Standing Committee under Article VIII, Section 2 A of the NATA By-Laws. The Committee is responsible for all NATA financial matters, including the budget of each fiscal year and for making recommendations concerning financial matters to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. 

Committee Chair:  Brock Wurl NATA Treasurer
Committee Members:  Dan Thayer, President; and Jason Ausman, President Elect

The NATA Executive Committee serves as NATA’s Compensation Committee.  The Committee shall meet prior to the Summer Meeting for report at that meeting.

NATA’s Continuing Legal Education Committee’s purpose is to plan and implement CLE activities on diverse topics that aid trial lawyers in their practice. The program chairs for NATA seminars shall serve as members of the Continuing Legal Education Committee.

Committee Chair:  Brock Wurl, North Platte
Committee Members: 
Jennifer Meyer, Omaha, Program Chair, NATA Seminar February 22, 2019, Scott Conference Center, Omaha

The Legislative Committee is responsible for studying and monitoring legislation which is, or may be introduced in the Nebraska Unicameral. The Committee shall advise and make recommendations to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee concerning legislation and shall implement the legislative policy of the Association. The Committee meets prior to and regularly during the Unicameral sessions as necessary to effectuate the legislative agenda of the organization and to undertake appropriate public outreach in conjunction with promoting the organization’s legislative agenda.

Committee Chair: Jason G. Ausman, Omaha

Appointed annually by the NATA President the Committee is composed of six Past Presidents of the Association.  The Committee is responsible for both making nominations as well as reviewing nominations submitted by  NATA members, and determining the recipient of the NATA Lifetime Achievement Award.  The award is intended to recognize a lawyer who over the course of an extended career in the law with at least 30 years in practice, and as a member of NATA, has exemplified  the skills,  ethics and dedication embodied in the NATA mission.  It was created to pay tribute to a lawyer who has demonstrated by conduct and leadership, a commitment to the improvement of trial practice, the preservation of the jury system as well as the promotion of dignity and pride in the legal profession.

2019 Committee TBD

The Membership  Committee is responsible for making  recommendations to the Board on membership retention, service, and expansion.The main goals of the Committee are to increase the number of regular members, Sustaining Members and members of the Circle of Advocates, and to study and make recommendations concerning membership services.

Committee Co-Chairs: Mark Richardson, Lincoln and Jonathan Urbom, Lincoln
Committee Member: Jennifer Turco Meyer, Omaha

The NATA Executive Committee serves as the Nebraska Justice Award Committee to make or receive nominations from NATA members, and determine the recipient of the Nebraska Justice Award.  The award is not an annual award, but is awarded from time to time to  recognize an individual or entity  that demonstrates courage, strength, and leadership in preserving the trial by jury system and protecting the rights of Nebraska citizens. 

The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee for the purpose of making nominations to the Board of Directors to fill any vacancies on the Board of Directors, any Directorship to be filled by reason of any increase in the number of Directors, or a vacancy in any office which may occur during his or her term of office. The committee shall also meet at the annual summer board meeting for the purpose of nominating one person for each elective office to be filled by a vote of the membership at the annual meeting. The committee shall consist of two members from each congressional district and the Board Oversight Chair.  At least one member shall be the immediate past president who shall serve as chair, and at least three members shall not have served on the Nominating Committee appointed for the preceding year. The committee shall submit the names of the nominees for publication as part of the notice of the annual meeting.

Committee Chair: Britany Shotkoski, Immediate Past President, Omaha
Committee Members: District 1 - Mark Richardson, Lincoln and Jon Urbom, Lincoln; District 2 - Matt Knowles, Omaha and Jennifer Meyer, Omaha; District 3 - James Paloucek, North Platte and Mitch Stehlik, Grand Island; Board Oversight Chair, Pete Wegman.

The Publications Committee is  comprised of members willing to assist with generating and gathering appropriate material for inclusion in organization publications. The Committee is  responsible for publication of the Prairie Barrister, and other publications of the Association.
The principle goals of the Committee are to increase reporting of Verdicts and Settlements, and encourage NATA members and law students to submit articles for publication in the Prairie Barrister.

Committee Chair:  Daniel Friedman, Lincoln
Committee Member: Stephen Sael, Lincoln

The Workers Compensation Committee is responsible for analysis of Nebraska Workers' Compensation law, practice and procedure. The Committee is to advise the NATA Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Legislative Committee on legislation, education and/ or other action or services needed from NATA regarding Nebraska Workers' Compensation. The Committee may also serve as a networking opportunity for those with a special interest in Workers Compensation and related areas of practice.

Committee Chair:    Jon Rehm,  Lincoln






Joint Meeting of NATA Board, NATA PAC Trustees, and NATA Legislative Committee
Thursday, February 21, 2019
Quarry Oaks Clubhouse, Ashland

Taking Your Case To Trial: Strategies and Demonstrations to Help You Win

Friday,  February 22, 2019
Scott Conference Center, Omaha

MAY 2019

Friday,  May 3, 2019
Embassy Suites Downtown Lincoln

JULY 2019

Thursday, July 18 to Saturday, July 20
Niobrara Lodge, Valentine, NE