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Volume 25, Number 3

Fall 2019


“If not us, then who?” 
NATA’s theme for 2019

Book Review

The movie Inherit The Wind, regarding the “Scopes Monkey Trial” of 1925 which pitted evolution against creation, portrays fellow Nebraskan, William Jennings Bryan, as a bumbling religious zealot.

That is a false accusation, concludes Harvard Prof. Alan Dershowitz in America on Trial: inside the legal battles that transformed our nation. Bryan, though feeble (he died five days after the Scopes trial), was a highly skilled advocate who was no simple-minded literalist, writes Dershowitz. 

Why is this important?  Bryan, who preferred to discuss God more than politics, has stood watch at the U.S. Capitol in Statuary Hall for 82 years, but has been replaced by Chief Standing Bear, (J. Sterling Morton will be replaced by Willa Cather).

As his statue departs the Capitol, we tip our hat to William Jennings Bryan, a humble Nebraska trial attorney who, in the Scopes jury trial, defeated the nation’s foremost criminal defense attorney, Clarence Darrow (let that soak-in for one moment).

Things to Do in October

  1. Turn “on” your porch lights for Halloween.  Candy was handed to you as child, so pass the tradition to the next generation. Most children will say “thank you.”
  2. Clean gutters, downspouts, and store hoses.  Avoid major costs to your home by allowing water to flow away from your foundation. Drain hoses for use next Spring.
  3. Join NATA & NATA PAC. From the best legal seminars in Nebraska to legislation (think “slight/gross” versus “comparative fault.” Or, the new law permitting work comp electronic payments for clients). Absolutely nobody does more for the civil trial practice and our clients than NATA.  
  4. Ensure the chimney is clear.  Birds love to build nests atop chimneys. Avoid smoke damage into your home by ensuring that the chimney is open to your fireplace or stove.
  5. Sign-up for NATA seminar “Practice Pointers” on December 6, in Omaha.

Don’t be late for Court…but, are you chronically late? The reasons thereof:

  1. Obsessive-compulsive:  double-checking everything before departing.
  2. Passive-aggressive:  won’t deal with a deadline, then becomes angry as deadline looms.
  3. Adrenaline rush:  a crisis-maker who enjoys the rush of last-minute whirlwind activity.
  4. Self-absorption:  lack of respect of others and their time.
  5. Resistance:  carryover rebellion as a child who, now as an adult, refuses to comply.
  6. Anxiety:  fear of downtime if you arrive too early.
  7. Attention-seeker:  wants everyone to watch as they enter the room. Sign of immaturity.

Don’t fall into these seven traps.  Be timely - always.

What NATA is doing for you.

  1. Cutting edge seminars.  Nobody does what we do……our Unicameral changes laws regarding civil cases and work comp every year – our seminars will inform you.  Our Nebraska Supreme Court changes rules (summary judgment, most recently), and we share with you how to navigate those new rules. Caselaw changes in the courtroom?  We inform you of these updates and other trends in the courtroom.  
  2. List Serve: a perplexing legal question? Get answers from lawyers ranging from Scottsbluff to Omaha. This tool, alone, is worth the annual dues to NATA.
  3. Unicameral: in 2019, nearly 800 Bills were introduced and NATA’s lobbyists, O’Hara Lindsay & Associates and our Legislative Committee reviews each of them. Every major legislative effort in the past 30 years involving the civil trial practice had NATA at the forefront.
  4. Quarterly seminars: Nebraska trial lawyers sharing the latest of trial techniques, latest laws, caselaw updates that are unrivaled.
  5. Trial Smith:  access the largest deposition bank of experts in the U.S. at a discounted price.    
  6. Amicus Brief:  a case on appeal?  An intriguing issue that affects Nebraskans or significant legal rights?  NATA writes Amicus briefs to help your argument before the appellate courts.
  7. Do you have a good idea?  Let us know if you have a new legislative proposal or believe that an existing law should be amended.  A seminar idea? Website improvement? We would love to hear from you. Just email nata@nebraskatrial.com




NATA Seminar "Practice Pointers"
Friday,  December 6, 2019
Scott Conference Center, Omaha



AAJ Winter Convention
February 8-12, 2020
Hilton New Orleans Riverside Center
New Orleans, Louisiana

Join Meeting of the NATA Board, NATA PAC Trustees,
and NATA Legislative Committee
Thursday, February 27, 2020
Quarry Oaks Clubhouse, Ashland

Friday,  February 28, 2020
Scott Conference Center, Omaha

Friday,  May 1, 2020
The Graduate, Lincoln

Thusday, June 25 - Saturday, June 27
Bridges Bay Resort, Lake Okoboji, Iowa