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Volume 25, Number 1

Spring 2019



NATA’s theme for 2019 is “If not us, then who?”

Who do Nebraskans, both individuals and businesses, turn to when they have been wronged, when good faith negotiations fail, and going to court is the sole remaining option? 

There is only one answer. No robotics, algorithm, nor artificial intelligence will ever replace the Nebraska trial lawyer whose role was underscored by the guiding hand of Providence which enabled our Founding Fathers to constitutionally guarantee the right to a jury trial in the 7th Amendment.  If not us, then who?

Things to Get Done in April

  1. Change your filters.  It’s peak pollen season, so change both your HVAC and car filters.
  2. Join NATA & NATA PAC….look inside at the list of NATA’s legislative accomplishments in the past 30 years and ask, “Have any of these laws affected one of my cases?”  If so, then it’s time to renew your membership.    
  3. Sow your seeds. In the garden and flower bed, that is.  Tune-up the mower, too.
  4. Taxes.  Don’t wait until midnight on 4/15.
  5.  Sign-up for NATA seminar “ERISA Subrogation, Health Care, Long Term Disability and Other ERISA benefits” on May 3 in Lincoln.

Book Review – “Strengthfinder 2.0”

What is your reply when your children, grandchildren, or a student utters those tortured words, “I don’t know what to do the rest of my life? Do you have any advice?”

Here is your answer: “Read Strengthfinder 2.0.”

Fellow Nebraskan, Don Clifton, has quietly done a big favor for each of us. Selection Research, Inc. (SRI), the precursor to Gallup Organization, was founded by Clifton. Through Clifton’s research, discover what you naturally do best, then learn how to develop your greatest talents.

On the ground floor of the College of Business at UNL is the office of “Clifton Builders,” a great resource endowed by the Clifton family with support from Gallup. Strengthfinder 2.0 is a wonderful tool for directing both you and the younger generation toward a fruitful future.

What NATA is doing for you.

  1. Cutting edge seminars.  Nobody presents better seminars than NATA. During last month’s seminar, attendees saw a trial demonstration, heard new summary judgment rules, learned from a jury consultant psychology professor at UNL, and a theater professor from UNO who taught the stage dynamics of the courtroom – all of these lessons were on display to better your practice of law. 
  2. List Serve: a perplexing legal question? Get answers from lawyers ranging from Scottsbluff to Omaha. This tool, alone, is worth the annual dues to NATA.
  3. Unicameral: in 2019, 739 Bills were introduced and NATA’s lobbyists, O’Hara Lindsay & Associates, and our Legislative Committee reviews each of them. Every major legislative effort in the past 30 years involving the civil trial practice had NATA at the forefront.
  4. Trial Smith:  access the largest deposition bank of experts in the U.S. at a discounted price.   
  5. Amicus Brief:  a case on appeal?  An intriguing issue that affects Nebraskans or significant legal rights?  NATA writes Amicus briefs to help your argument before the appellate courts.
  6. Do you have a good idea?  Let us know if you have a new legislative proposal or believe that an existing law should be amended.  A seminar idea? Website improvement? We would love to hear from you. Just email nata@nebraskatrial.com.






Black Tie Optional Dinner
Thursday, September 12, 2019
Happy Hollow Country Club, Omaha

"Practice Pointers: The Future of Representing Those in Need"

Friday, September 13, 2019
Scott Conference Center, Omaha

DECEMBER 6, 2019

Friday,  December 6, 2019
Scott Conference Center, Omaha