The Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys was formed to promote greater proficiency and effectiveness among its members in all phases and types of litigation.  We are dedicated to the improvement of trial practice, and preservation of the jury system. The membership of the Association is open to all lawyers and law students.


NATA sponsors basic and advanced seminars on diverse topics that aid trial lawyers in their practice.  Faculties include outstanding lawyers, experts, and judges.  Written materials are available for every course.  NATA members receive special discounts on registration fees for all programs.

NATA maintains an extensive catalog of CLE materials that are available to members at a discount.


The Prairie Barrister, our excellent quarterly publication, contains timely and authoritative articles on trial practice and procedure, provides information on the latest developments or changes in the law, and reports verdicts and settlements in Nebraska.  The Barrister also provides news of the Association’s activities and its members.


NATA undertakes cases that represent important legal issues affecting the trial bar and the rights of their clients.


NATA is the only bar association which actively represents the trial bar’s and consumer’s interests in the Legislature.  Our expert lobbyists review every bill introduced, and recommendations are made to the NATA Legislative Committee for further action.  The committee members work diligently to assure that issues of importance to our members and their clients are monitored, supported or opposed.  Legislative bills of interest are posted on NATA’s website and members receive periodic reports during the legislative session.


NATA PAC, the political arm of the association, supports candidates who believe in NATA’s goals of protecting the rights of citizens to recover for wrongs inflicted upon them and maintaining the integrity of the legal system.


NATA Member ListServ is an e mailing list to allow members to quickly and conveniently share information or obtain advice from other members who have e mail addresses.  One e-mail can be sent to the listserv address, and it will be broadcast to all participating members.

www., NATA’s Web Site, allows access to legislative information, verdicts and settlements, CLE seminar information with on-line registration, archived articles from The Prairie Barrister, catalog of NATA seminar materials, an online Membership Directory, and links to research sites.

NATA Settlement and Verdict Exchange provides database searches of verdicts and settlements in Nebraska at no charge to our members.  Searches can be done by type of case and/or injury.

Trialsmith gives members access to the largest on-line defense expert deposition bank in the nation, access to online CLE programs, and numerous other research capabilities and services for trial lawyers. Only NATA members can access this web site.

***Dues to the Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys are not deductible as a charitable contribution, but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. A portion of dues, however, is not deductible to the extent that the Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys engages in lobbying.  The non-deductible portion of annual dues is 40%.

Questions?  Call the NATA Office at (402) 435-5526

NATA 2021 Annual Meeting & Fall Seminar Sponsors

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