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The NATA Executive Committee serves as NATA's Amicus Curiae Committee.  Amicus assistance will be considered in cases involving important issues whose potential impact reaches beyond the confines of the particular case. We are interested in questions of substantive law, procedural matters, evidentiary rulings, jury instructions, and any other related matter that could significantly impact our clients.

NATA’s Amicus Curiae Committee is interested in keeping one step ahead of important legal decisions in the Nebraska courts. Too frequently, NATA is unaware of critical legal issues pending before the state appellate courts until after the court has rendered its decision. If your case involves an important legal issue, or if you become aware of other cases involving significant legal issues, we urge you to contact the NATA Office.


I.      SIGNIFICANT ISSUE. The question presented must be of significant interest to, and should bear the potential to impact, NATA members, their clients or to the people of the State of Nebraska.

II.     SUBJECT MATTER. The Amicus Curiae Committee recognizes that issues of significant interest may arise in a variety of contexts, regardless of whether the case in which the question presented arises sounds in civil, criminal or equity law. A request for Amicus Curiae Support shall not be denied for any reason relating to the nature (i.e., civil, criminal or equity) of the underlying action.

III.    NATA MEMBERSHIP. Any attorney, regardless of whether he or she is a member of NATA, or organization may request assistance and support of the Amicus Curiae Committee. The attorney or organization requesting assistance need not be directly involved in the case on appeal.

IV.     SCOPE OF SUPPORT. The Amicus Curiae Committee will consider requests for support in any appellate court and, in exceptional circumstances, in a  trial court.

V.      REQUESTS FOR SUPPORT. An attorney or organization requesting the support of the Amicus Curiae Committee should present such a request via correspondence. The requesting individual should also supply a short memorandum summarizing the legal issues upon which the support of the Amicus Curiae Committee is requested; explaining the importance of such issues to NATA interests; and citing case law to be considered or challenged. It would be particularly helpful to submit memorandums of facts and law, briefs, relevant pleadings and significant exhibits in an electronic format, i.e. on a flash drive or by e mail. Requests for support should be directed to the NATA office, P.O. Box 391247, Omaha, NE 68139,  E mail: nata@nebraskatrial.com

VI.     APPELLATE APPEARANCE. Any brief filed on behalf of NATA shall bear the name of the attorney(s) who wrote the brief. Where permitted, the Amicus Curiae Committee may request the opportunity to participate in oral argument. The Amicus Curiae Committee may be represented at oral argument by the attorney who authored the brief or by any other attorney designated by the Amicus Curiae Committee to so appear.

VII.    INSTITUTION OF ORIGINAL LITIGATION. In a matter of grave importance to the rights of the public affecting health, safety or consumerism, the Amicus Curiae Committee will consider initiating new litigation where it has standing to do so. The Amicus Curiae Committee shall forward all requests for such action to the President of NATA for consideration by the Board of Directors.





NATA Summer Meeting
Thursday, June 24 to
        Saturday, June 26, 2021
Bridges Bay Resort, Lake Okoboji, Iowa


NATA Annual Membership Celebration
Black Tie Optional Dinner
Thursday, September 23, 2021
Happy Hollow Country Club, Omaha

NATA Annual Meeting & Fall Seminar
"The Value of Focus Groups: Seeing Your Case Through the Eyes of Jurors Before Trial"
Friday, September 24, 2021
Scott Conference Center, Omaha


NATA Seminar/ NSBA Annual Meeting
"Nebraska's New Expedited Civil Trials Act - Nuts & Bolts"
8:00 - 10:30 a.m.
Wednesday, October 13, 2021
Embassy Suites Omaha/LaVista Hotel & Conference Center, LaVista


NATA Seminar
Friday, December 3, 2021
Scott Conference Center, Omaha